Ferràn Rizo 

He has travelled with his magic Europe, presenting lectures in best Magic Clubs and conventions. Not only this, he has also a Magic Academy and workshops for professionals. If you have a Club or are planning to organize a Convention maybe you are interested in his work. You can visit the magic shop and see his products

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Back With the Rizos

Ferran Rizo's new lecture with Nataly Machado

This October, Ferran Rizo with the help of magician Nataly Machado will present a new lecture with effects taken from his personal repertoire. It will be presented solely in United Kingdom.
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With the Rizos Again

In his last tour in Great Britain he performed at The Magic Circle among other places. Would you like to download his dossier? 
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With the Rizos 

With this lecture Ferràn begin his international lecturer career. It has been presented in a lot of different magic clubs as in British Magic Society 
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DesRizando el Rizo

This is Ferràn second lecture in Spanish Languaje and it was presented in prestigious SEI (Spanish Ilusionism Society)

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Rizando el Rizo

This is the first magic lecture, Ferràn created for magic community. It was presented on Spanish Convention Congreso Mágico Murcia

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Billiard Ball Manipulation Workshop

A complete 4 hours Workshop about Billiard Ball. You will learn the history, technique, and routines about balls manipulation

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