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Magic Shop

Welcome to Ferran's Magic Shop, where you will be able to buy all his magic creations that he sell in his wordwide lectures

Natur Box


Some in Spanish language and other in English


With The Rizos Again

This is the second book in English languaje. It included magic with cards, coins and a theory article


With The Rizos

First book writtien in English Languaje, it include magic with cards, coins and a piece of paper 


DesRizando el Rizo

Third book written in Spanish languaje. It includes magic with cards, Okito Box and coins

Books no longer available 


Rizando el Rizo

This book is out of order, contac us if you are intrested on it just in case we reprint it



This book deals about the magic of Alberto de Figueiredo, practical and amazing stage and close-up magic


Available on all languajes


Decreasing Card-deck & Case

You will be able to shrink a card-case and the deck itselfh


King Father

Ferràn version of the classic plot, Ace Asembly 


Phoenix Paper

Torn and restored paper with fire


The Rising Cards

Made cards rise from the deck


The Cup

Ferràn version of this classic effect

Natur Box 2.0

Hand made and completely personalised for you


Natur Box 2.0

This innocent box is the most recent Ferràn’s magic creation. With it you will be able not only to perform the Card-to-Box plot but a lot of different new tricks

You will learn two different approach of the classic plot but also you could do things that other marketed boxes won’t let you do

-You can show the box empty at the beginning and made any card travel inside
-You can use any card, it does matter the Brand. While other boxes only let you do the trick with one Brand or colour with our Natur Box any card would do the trick
-The card that spectators find inside is a real one. Not a piece of card, nor a sticker but a real card
-You can show the box from all the sides at the beginning and at the end

With Natur Box, you could perform not only one effect but a lot. Magic with coins, banknotes, papers, rings…

Every box is handmade manufactured from scratch. You would have a craft box for all your life

You will receive:
-Natur Box 2.0 (you can customize the colours)
-A travel bag
-A book with full detail handling and different routines with cards, coins, paper, banknotes, papers… 

30€ (10€ Shipping)

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